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So you are entering the New Year and eager to set everything up to perform well in the coming months. You’ve set your yearly goals and written your resolutions. You are also keen to sell your house and are eager to get back to doing this. But this is winter and it may be daunting to prepare your house for perspective buyers at this time of the year. Here are some tips for you.


Make sure your possible buyers can actually get to your house. Shovel snow and ice off driveways and walkways so your door and house is accessible. Make sure to clean your windows and drapes so that you can utilize natural light to show off your interiors. Keep temperatures warm and cozy. If possible, show your house during light hours and not when dark sets in. For a cozier and homey touch, make your house as festive as the season.

These easy tips are enough to get your house back on the marketable track during the winter months.

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