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There is a lot to be done when one decides to sell a house. It is more than a matter of putting that ‘for sale’ yard on your lawn or porch for passersby to see. If you want to sell at the best possible price, you have to really look into ways of making your house the best possible buy.

There are some value adding tips a person can do to make his or her home more marketable. Some are expensive, require a budget and professional help and a lot of time. Some are not so expensive, can be done on your own, and can be done in advance or as close to a month before you decide to put your house up for sale.

One such tip in the latter group is painting. Painting your house will make it look brand new and can be a budget-friendly value adding tip. Done on the inside and outside, a good paint job’s effects can be seen until at least two years later. Take a look at this to help make your home more marketable.

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