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If you live in a condo, you might think it is impossible to have any kind of greenery around. After all, having a garden does require the space to set this up and in a condominium space is not abundant. However, there are still lots of ways to have your own pocket of greenery. All you need is some creativity, some flexibility, and the right set of expectations.


Of course, you must accept that you cannot have a full garden. So you have to choose what kind of greenery you are willing to take on. Since you live in an enclosed space, with possibly little opportunity of sun exposure, choose plants that are for indoors and are low maintenance. Then take a look at your space- do you have a balcony? If you do, you can create a plant nook there. If not, choose strategic parts of your unit to place your potted plants.

With creativity and flexibility, you can get the greenery you want in your condo.

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