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Today, we will say something in this articles that can make a big difference in your business.
However, you might have used it so many times in your daily life.
We are talking about ads, campaign, direct mail etc.

We suggest you an exercise first.

Pick up the newspaper and have a look at the section where your and other’s classified ads are put.

If your ads have a similarity with other’s, that means you are going to create huge opportunities.

Now it’s time to make a difference. If there are no or less testimonials, you must get an ad published with a testimonial.

Testimonials are powerful thing. They leave a very good impression on everyone.

You can incorporate this strategy in direct mail and other things.

A good testimonial will say these things.

“john helped us so much in avoiding foreclosure and we saved our credit that allowed us to move on our lives. Besides a professional help, he gave us comfort and peace of mind, care. I feel overwhelmed when I talk about his company.”

It is very important that your testimonial conveys right things that is trust, results and genuineness. Business is all about trust.
If you keep these points in mind, your ad is surely going to dominate the ad space.

It is to be noted that we can apply the power of testimonials to other things also.
Letters, direct mails and flyers can be made more catchy and impressive when we write testimonials in that.

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Many small business owners struggle with the dilemma of deciding whether to buy, rent, or lease office space. If you ask business consultants or real estate brokers, you will get conflicting answers. The key point to remember is this: Each small business brings its own unique situations and concerns to the table, which means the answer will be different for each business owner.
A good place to begin is by examining your company’s current business plan and earnings forecast, the credit history, and the local real estate market. Every business idea needs to be carefully researched before making any final decisions. As you are searching for the right answer, keep these questions in mind:

How is your cash flow? As a new small business owner, you may be short on cash, so it will be less expensive to rent or lease a facility when you are just starting out.

For example, you can probably lease a building for about $4,000 a month, but if you were looking into purchasing that same property, you would need a substantial down payment. Examine your cash flow projections carefully and then make your decision.

“Honesty Is The First Book In The Chapter Of Wisdom”

When all is said and done, the best way for you to get as much out of your daily apartment and commercial real estate investment business is to use as much leverage as you can to get everything out of each day as possible. You can look at it this way. You can be highly successful without using leverage, but more often than not you will be spending every waking hour working on your business.

You know, 100 hours per week. I once read about a highly successful real estate investor in Chicago that put in over 100 hours per week. I don’t know about you but I do have other interests besides real estate. I have a family, friends, hobbies, etc. I choose not to work like a crazed man who will have a life expectancy of 45. So, if you want to go down that path that’s up to you. You may want to consider the path of having a career and a life outside of the career. If you do I have good news for you.

I currently work on my business less than 40 hours per week and I’m on top of the market – mainly as a result of leverage. Here are some simple tips I would give you to leverage as much as possible:

1. Hire all of the minimum wage tasks done for you. Your time is worth a lot more than you think. Everything that is not commensurate with your value needs to be done by someone else. Even if you think that you cannot afford it, it probably isn’t true. You cannot afford to spend your time on minimum wage tasks and responsibilities.

2. Use technology as much a possible. Use computer and database programs, fax machines, emails, etc. as much as you can. Just be sure that you’re in control of the technology, and it’s not in control of you. 99% of leveraging your time is truly as simple as the two steps above. Remember, if you want to succeed as an apartment or commercial real estate investor, you must be vigilant about using leverage as much as possible in all areas of your business. You will be very pleased with the outcome of these two simple steps…

The real estate market has its ups and downs but there are still many advantages investing in real estate. You can anticipate market trends and even if something causes the real estate to go down, it will come back in a matter of time.

People are always moving into different locations and this in turn translates to opportunity. No matter what kind of real estate property you are investing in, you can count on the fact that people will always need some place to stay. Real estate can be considered a basic need of human beings, thus you can expect that someone are on the prowl to buy property while others buy so they can resell it.

Many daily newspapers are asking a question I have asked for a long time before the residential real estate bubble finally burst, and foreclosures, not sales, became the norm.

The question is “Who was to blame for the rapid increase in real estate prices and most of the obvious fraud that followed, resulting in the worst foreclosure crisis in American history?” The answer is long and complex, hence the lawyers have jumped on board to sift out the blame and figure out who deserves to be compensated for losses. The main players in the home real estate and mortgage foreclosure fiasco are all suing each other. Home owners are suing realtors, mortgage companies are suing fraudulent buyers, local governments are suing lending companies and appraisers, and some mortgage brokers and lenders are being sued by everyone.

When I saw so many unqualified buyers buying expensive real estate so fast during the so-called real estate boom, I warned people I knew that the worst real estate bust in history will soon visit upon us. My reasoning for the “dismal real estate bust prediction”,
was that it is not possible for real estate values to go up so high, so fast when people are loosing their jobs, losing health care benefits, gas is skyrocketing, and American salaries are being decreased, not increased. The reason brokers gave to justify selling subprime adjustable rate loans was that homebuyers were told, “you don’t make much now, but when your monthly rate increases your income will also increase. But, of course, any level-minded sensible person would understand that most employees don’t get 30% salary increases in three years as the adjustable rate subprime theorist suggested.

The reasoning many potential subprime homebuyers made for buying a home with an adjustable rate subprime loan was, “if it was not possible for me to pay for this house, the
mortgage company would not have allowed me to purchase it.” One such person this statement actually came from was an educated retired school teacher I spoke with who purchased a new home at retirement with a subprime loan. I attempted to counsel
her to understand that because her home price was huge and her payment was tiny, her
loan was an adjustable rate subprime loan. Sadly, she did not understand what a subprime loan was, she had a high credit score, and she would not listen when I tried to tell her she was qualified for a much better product and the broker she was dealing with was fraudulent.

Well, now she understands that too late, and found that she qualifies to be a part of a lawsuit her city is filing against her broker and other mortgage companies who gave adjustable rate subprime loans to people with high credit scores, based on higher commissions for the broker. At the time she accepted the loan, I told her that her income
qualifies her for a conventional $200,000 loan, but the fact that she was purchasing a $600,000 home was a screaming clue that she was getting a subprime loan her broker did not explain to her, but she refused to see the reasoning.

The retired school teacher was forced to refinance in just 12 months due to a
drastic increase in her monthly payment coming due at adjustment. She was a part of
the highly qualified home buyer who:

1. Did not understand what an adjustable rate subprime loan was,

2. Was not told she was being sold an adjustable rate subprime loan,

3. Was fraudulently sold an adjustable rate subprime loan, when she qualified for a low interest fixed rate 30 year loan.

This behavior was a part of the dishonest mortgage brokers who sold subprime loans based on higher commissions instead of qualifications and understanding on behalf of the buyer.

Who is to blame for the foreclosure explosion that followed the subprime mortgage fiascoes? In my opinion the mortgage industry has been loosely regulated and monitored by government agencies, as a result mortgage brokers and lenders have had little consequence for their actions. Many Americans are against government regulation, but to me this is a major reason why the government should closely regulate industries such as this. Blame should start with the federal government, then state governments, the cities, the lending industry, the mortgage brokerage industry, and the real estate industry. All of these entities should get together rewrite rules, regulations, and enforcement. Each homeowner who lost their homes to adjustable rate subprime mortgage loans or were sold homes they could not afford, should be paid for pain and suffering. All of these agencies knew that the home prices were increasing at an alarmingly false rate, and they also had many clues that fraud artist were artificially assisting in increasing home prices. The agencies allowed it to persist until finally the federal government and lenders pulled the plug on abusive lending when foreclosures started to skyrocket far beyond historical rates.

In real estate, the process for each task can be complex, and steps can easily be missed along the way. With commercial real estate software, the whole process is simplified by having the right tools to get the job done. The business will run smoother, and as an end result, customers will feel more confident choosing your company for their needs. Every real estate office should consider some type of software to help them succeed.


In real estate management, there are so many little details to remember to ensure the business runs smoothly. This is where a decent management application will play a big part. This software is user friendly and easy to install. It also allows the important tasks to run automated, and even offers advice within each task. Having the ability to manage all the various projects a real estate office sees on a daily basis is the key benefit to having this kind of package.

Project Benefits

Real estate projects can be very complex at times. With real estate software, these complex projects are simplified. At the click of a mouse, all the information you need can be right there on the screen. This includes customer information, payments, letters, and so much more. You can also have the option of working in different categories within the application. This gives you the ability to perform certain tasks at one time for a specific project.

Not only is the software great for complex projects, but it is also great for other areas of real estate as well. This software’s ability to integrate with other software provides staff with help in performing various office procedures. These can include payroll, hr management, and other general office tasks. By doing so, commercial real estate software frees up the time of employees so that they can focus on other important issues. Most of the time spent is related to complicated accounting tasks. With having a software package that can figure out these areas for you, business runs smoother, and with a happier office to show that.


Naples is one of the most picturesque destinations in the United States of America. Apart from bordering the Gulf of Mexico with its pristine beaches, it has many golf courses and a lot wonderful boutiques and shopping malls. Naples real estate has plenty to offer for people who have budgets of all types. According to the CEO of [], Ray Whitmer, Naples brokers and agents will soon be seeing some dramatic changes in the real estate business due to the Internet. Whitmer claims that there are thousands of consumers that use the Internet daily to preview, buy and sell real estate in Naples.

A recent report showed that during the month of July, 2006 over 9,000 homes were up for sale in Naples – double the amount of the previous year. This makes it a buyers market; however, most of these homes were prices way too high and can’t be really considered for sale.

Most people who are buying in Naples are buying homes that are priced at a value and ignoring those that are out of range. Therefore, the homes that are for sale in the Naples market are somewhat misleading because many will never be sold. Those homes that will more than likely be sold are owned by people who have to sell because they can’t afford to keep up with the costs of maintaining the home or by those who are selling because they know the current market conditions and are pricing below peak prices. Some just want out without taking a loss, while others are optimistic that they will receive the inflated price that they are asking for.

Home maintenance will probably be on top of your list of things to know how to do as soon as you decide you want to get your own place. Whether you rent or you own, maintaining your living space is a logical step to take. Here are some easy tips for good home cleaning.

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Clean everyday; your daily living activities will generate dirt so it is important to clean rooms and bathrooms daily. This will also help you when you have to do an overall cleaning job as your home will not be too dirty. Schedule your overall cleaning and this will include cleaning inside your home, outside your home, and in every corner. This will mean washing and polishing and possibly repainting. Because this is a big deal, this is usually done bi-annually with some activities like repainting reserved for an annual schedule. Finally, make sure you properly maintain the unseen areas like gutters, pipes, garbage disposals, garages, storage centers, attics and basements.

Making sure these unseen spaces are as clean and breakage-free will, in the long run, save money, effort, and will keep your house in good condition.

Those who have long been engaging in the real estate industry will be glad to know that the formula to success is simple. Based from the advice of real estate coaches who teach both the newbie and veteran realtors how they can succeed in business, there are three things that you need to have: goals, attitude and selectivity.

An easy-to-remember acronym for this is GAS. When you’re driving a car with a full tank of gas, you can easily go places – and the exact same thing applies to the real estate industry.

Delving Deeper into the 3 Qualities that Agents should have

Now, let’s delve a bit deeper into these three qualities. First, there is the goal setting part. As a realty agent, make sure that you are setting both long-term and short-term goals. By doing so, you will have a virtual guide when it comes to the next step that you need to take in the future. The small steps that you are taking now should be leading to the long-term goals that you have.

If you have to, write down the set of short-term and long-term goals that you have. This will serve as a great guide towards pursuing a lucrative career in the real estate industry.

Second, there’s your attitude towards your clients, your work and the people with whom you are dealing with on a daily basis. When you’re in the real estate business, you have clients to talk to and a hectic schedule to keep. As long as you have the right attitude towards your prospective clients and the way that you go about your work, you should be able to resolve any problems that you might encounter along the way.

The market itself offers a great deal of problems and disappointments as it fluctuates along with the economic problems that the entire world is facing. The good news is that you will be able to triumph over these problems as long as you have the right attitude towards the work that you are doing.

The third and final quality that an agent must have is selectivity. The downside of being in a business which requires you to deal with people everyday is that you might also stumble upon unscrupulous individuals who are out to cheat you of the honest way that you are earning your living. Although you need to have sufficient people skills, you should also be quite selective with the people who you are associating with.

The same thing holds true for the business principles that you are sticking to, the quality of literature or tools that you are using, and every other aspect of being a realtor.

To sum it all up, a good real estate agent should set goals, have the proper attitude and be selective. As long as you have enough GAS, you can have a lucrative and fulfilling career in the real estate industry.

Looking for a house? Why not try government-acquired homes. Now you have the chance to own your dream home at the most affordable price. And the best way to do it is through auctions.
The seized homes and properties are placed for prospective buyers to bid. the highest bidder wins the auctioned property. There are many reasons why the government seizes properties. Usually they acquire these from tax cheaters, citizens convicted with crime, etc. And to think these properties are not plain old houses. They are mansions, villas, condos, resorts and many other types.
Before bidding though, try to work out and sort through all the necessary paper works and mode of payments so you will be ready when you win the auctioned property.