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Naples is one of the most picturesque destinations in the United States of America. Apart from bordering the Gulf of Mexico with its pristine beaches, it has many golf courses and a lot wonderful boutiques and shopping malls. Naples real estate has plenty to offer for people who have budgets of all types. According to the CEO of [], Ray Whitmer, Naples brokers and agents will soon be seeing some dramatic changes in the real estate business due to the Internet. Whitmer claims that there are thousands of consumers that use the Internet daily to preview, buy and sell real estate in Naples.

A recent report showed that during the month of July, 2006 over 9,000 homes were up for sale in Naples – double the amount of the previous year. This makes it a buyers market; however, most of these homes were prices way too high and can’t be really considered for sale.

Most people who are buying in Naples are buying homes that are priced at a value and ignoring those that are out of range. Therefore, the homes that are for sale in the Naples market are somewhat misleading because many will never be sold. Those homes that will more than likely be sold are owned by people who have to sell because they can’t afford to keep up with the costs of maintaining the home or by those who are selling because they know the current market conditions and are pricing below peak prices. Some just want out without taking a loss, while others are optimistic that they will receive the inflated price that they are asking for.

Home maintenance will probably be on top of your list of things to know how to do as soon as you decide you want to get your own place. Whether you rent or you own, maintaining your living space is a logical step to take. Here are some easy tips for good home cleaning.

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Clean everyday; your daily living activities will generate dirt so it is important to clean rooms and bathrooms daily. This will also help you when you have to do an overall cleaning job as your home will not be too dirty. Schedule your overall cleaning and this will include cleaning inside your home, outside your home, and in every corner. This will mean washing and polishing and possibly repainting. Because this is a big deal, this is usually done bi-annually with some activities like repainting reserved for an annual schedule. Finally, make sure you properly maintain the unseen areas like gutters, pipes, garbage disposals, garages, storage centers, attics and basements.

Making sure these unseen spaces are as clean and breakage-free will, in the long run, save money, effort, and will keep your house in good condition.

Those who have long been engaging in the real estate industry will be glad to know that the formula to success is simple. Based from the advice of real estate coaches who teach both the newbie and veteran realtors how they can succeed in business, there are three things that you need to have: goals, attitude and selectivity.

An easy-to-remember acronym for this is GAS. When you’re driving a car with a full tank of gas, you can easily go places – and the exact same thing applies to the real estate industry.

Delving Deeper into the 3 Qualities that Agents should have

Now, let’s delve a bit deeper into these three qualities. First, there is the goal setting part. As a realty agent, make sure that you are setting both long-term and short-term goals. By doing so, you will have a virtual guide when it comes to the next step that you need to take in the future. The small steps that you are taking now should be leading to the long-term goals that you have.

If you have to, write down the set of short-term and long-term goals that you have. This will serve as a great guide towards pursuing a lucrative career in the real estate industry.

Second, there’s your attitude towards your clients, your work and the people with whom you are dealing with on a daily basis. When you’re in the real estate business, you have clients to talk to and a hectic schedule to keep. As long as you have the right attitude towards your prospective clients and the way that you go about your work, you should be able to resolve any problems that you might encounter along the way.

The market itself offers a great deal of problems and disappointments as it fluctuates along with the economic problems that the entire world is facing. The good news is that you will be able to triumph over these problems as long as you have the right attitude towards the work that you are doing.

The third and final quality that an agent must have is selectivity. The downside of being in a business which requires you to deal with people everyday is that you might also stumble upon unscrupulous individuals who are out to cheat you of the honest way that you are earning your living. Although you need to have sufficient people skills, you should also be quite selective with the people who you are associating with.

The same thing holds true for the business principles that you are sticking to, the quality of literature or tools that you are using, and every other aspect of being a realtor.

To sum it all up, a good real estate agent should set goals, have the proper attitude and be selective. As long as you have enough GAS, you can have a lucrative and fulfilling career in the real estate industry.

Looking for a house? Why not try government-acquired homes. Now you have the chance to own your dream home at the most affordable price. And the best way to do it is through auctions.
The seized homes and properties are placed for prospective buyers to bid. the highest bidder wins the auctioned property. There are many reasons why the government seizes properties. Usually they acquire these from tax cheaters, citizens convicted with crime, etc. And to think these properties are not plain old houses. They are mansions, villas, condos, resorts and many other types.
Before bidding though, try to work out and sort through all the necessary paper works and mode of payments so you will be ready when you win the auctioned property.


Many cities in the Midwest struggled with weak economies in 2005, however the city of Indianapolis, true to its car racing spirit, zoomed ahead of the competition with the fastest economic growth in the region. According to the Property & Portfolio Research, a real-estate analysis firm in Boston, the demand for commercial real estate in Indianopolis is growing and job vacances are down in most sectors.

A central location served by by five interstate highways and low costs have helped Indianapolis become a national distribution hub. Commercial property prices in Indianapolis are lower than the national average and the cost of doing business is lower compared to the nearby cities, including Chicago and Cleveland. Plenty of land is available since there are no mountains or hilly regions nearby. Several real estate firms predict that the commercial and residential real estate markets will continue to do well due to these reasons.

According to a report released by C.B.Richard Ellis, a leading real estate firm, a large number of Indianapolis-based small and medium-sized businesses that relocated to larger spaces and the suburbs grew last year. The report forecasts a drop in vacancies in the suburban office market, fresh investments in office buildings, and continued popularity of open-air shopping centers.

The growth trend in the office buildings sector in 2005 is expected to continue further, boosting occupancy rates. Suburban office buildings were highly popular, with 25 percent of them trading hands in ownership or occupancy in 2005. The CB Rihard Ellis report suggests that these trends might result in a modest increase in rents, but not everybody agrees.

For the fifth consecutive year, residential real estate sales also continued to grow in Indianapolis. This was possible because of the low mortgage rates. In its 2006 forecast, CB Richard Ellis forecasts that Indianapolis will continue to see the growth of tenants-in-common investors in multi-family housing units. The company also anticipates a slowdown in single-family home sales, as prices gradually continue to increase.

Indianapolis real estate information and trends can be obtained from local newspapers such as the Indianapolis Star, Marion Country, Daily Journal, Herald Bulletin, Reporter-Times, and Shelbyville News. Online versions of some of these newspapers are also available.


Selling your house can be a challenging task nowadays. With the competitive real estate market, it is really tricky to sell property quickly, but not if you add curb appeal to your house for sale. Use these affordable home improvements tips and I’m pretty sure that you can attract more buyers!

• Declutter. Remove all unnecessary things in the house. Clean out the closets and make each room looks more spacious. “It’s the most affordable change that sellers can make when selling their abode,” says Marybeth Dennett, real estate professional with Triangle Star Realty in Durham, North Carolina.

Polish Furniture and Floors. Make your room free from dust and dirt. Make sure to convey a room with a pristine feel, and your buyer can surely not resist to your home’s charm.

• Update your lighting with modern fixtures to brighten and add warmth in your home.

• Throw away broken mirrors and replace it with a new one.

• Make a great impression! Welcome your potential buyer with a newly fresh front door.

• Remember everyone has personal style and preferences. So, keep your walls in neutral colors and remove wallpaper if needed.

If you have done all these efforts yet you were not able to sell your house within the period of time you want, it is recommended to contact cash house buyers. These legitimate companies buy houses and other properties in any condition and at any location.

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There is a general belief that investing in real estate is a sure way to have a steady income. Hence over the time, more aspirants have chosen to venture in this trade.

What many people fail to realize however is, like any other business, real estate requires a lot of investment, industry, diligence and dedication. Indeed the success of a real estate investor is apparently the product of hard work in which he put in his money, time, effort and devotion.
Being a real estate investor requires a lot of courage, talent and creativity to entice clients to employ his services. He should also keep abreast with the updates on the business community to identify prospective buyers. Real estate business, certainly, is not an easy path.

moving out

If you are a home owner and you are currently living in the house that you are selling, you have to make sure you are ready to vacate the house when the buyer is all set to take possession of the property.

There may be instances when the home owner or seller is not ready to go. But whatever the reasons for his inability to move out is no longer the concern of the buyer, although, perhaps for some kind consideration, there are buyers who may give the seller ample time to move out. But then again, this is not always the case for more often, after the sale is completed, the buyer won’t want to wait long anymore before the seller can depart from the house.

slavic-village.jpgSlavic Village in Cleveland, is experiencing a rise in crime rates. The culprit? Foreclosures in the neighborhood that forced a lot of homeowners to move out. The Country Treasurer reports that at least 800 homes have been vacated. It has attracted squatters and looters.
The area developed in the middle of the 19th century when Polish and Bohemian immigrants settled in to work in steel mills and factories in the area. With the foreclosure of houses, crimes have been up. Initially, the remaining residents tried to fight the criminals by organizing watch groups and prodding the police into action. Eventually, however, most residents just opted to move out.

As less of the residents remain, the fight to keep the crime rates down have become tougher.

This is not the first town to suffer this fate.

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Note: One of the biggest challenges real estate investors face is finding the money to fund those first few deals—even when they have some cash themselves. I sat down and talked with Russ Whitney, internationally known and respected leader in the real estate investment and financial training field, and here is his advice:

Jordan Taylor: I recently heard from a new investor who was buying a property at below-market value and had a 5 percent down payment, but the bank said because it was an investment, the down payment needed to be 20 percent. What would you suggest that she do?

Russ Whitney: She needs to shop around for a different lender. She probably went to a branch of a mega-bank that has very strict rules and the people in the branches do not have the authority to operate outside those rules. Another lender may look at the deal far more favorably.

What’s very important to always keep in mind is that when you take out a loan, the lender is not doing you a favor. The lender is going to make money on the deal through the interest on the loan and various other fees, such as points and closing costs. You’re the customer, and you should be treated that way.

JT: If the bank is going to make money on the deal, why do they turn down loans?

RW: Because they have to be sure they will make money on the deal. Banks make money on loans that are paid back on schedule, so they have rules and policies that are supposed to help assure that they make good loans. Unfortunately, sometimes strict rules don’t allow a bank the flexibility to work with a creative real estate investor. But just because one bank turns you down doesn’t mean you can’t get the deal funded. That’s why you need to look at other lending options.

JT: That’s easy for you to say–your name is Russ Whitney and people are probably lining up to give you money. What’s the best way for an ordinary person to do that?

RW: I recommend dealing with a good mortgage broker. Their job is to bring borrowers and lenders together, and they only get paid when the loan closes. They are a tremendous resource for real estate investors because they do all of the loan shopping for you, and the lender pays their commission. A sharp mortgage broker will help you structure the deal and then take it to the right lender.

JT: What do you mean by “the right lender”?

RW: Not all lenders are the same. They have different requirements, they like different types of deals. Traditional banks, for example, are very concerned with how much cash you’re putting into the deal and your credit rating. A hard money lender focuses on the value of the property and the loan-to-value ratio. Also, different lenders offer a range of terms. Some want the loan paid back quickly, perhaps within a year, others will go for much longer terms. The broker is also going to consider the lender’s fees and other policies, and make sure it’s all consistent with your goals.

JT: How do you find a good mortgage broker?

RW: Start by checking the yellow pages of your local telephone directory. Many brokers will advertise in the real estate classified section of the daily paper or in the weekly shoppers and real estate publications. If you’re active in your local real estate investors club–and you should be!–you’ll probably meet brokers there, or you can network with other investors to find out who they use.

Sit down with the broker and explain your investment strategy and goals. Ask if he works with lenders who want to fund the kind of deals you want to do. The broker should be enthusiastic and positive about what you’re doing–if you sense that he’s being negative, find another broker.

JT: Any other advice?

RW: Don’t give up. There is plenty of money out there to fund real estate deals. If you’ve put together a good package the way we teach, you can get it funded.